New Servers and EVFTP Bug Fixes

The last few months of 2010 were a bit crazy around here, and we’ve got some exciting announcements that we would like to share with you to start off the new year. Starting with new servers and a new version of our Java FTP client!

New Servers!

We’ve recently finished a migration of all of our FTP accounts to new, faster hardware. The details of the new servers are pretty geeky, but in a nutshell we spent nearly a year testing and configuring some pretty cutting edge hardware to come up with a platform that is better, stronger and faster than ever before.

Each new storage node features:

  • 72TB of raw storage served via multiple RAID-6 arrays (n + 2 redundancy!) on a 3Ware RAID card
  • 16GB ECC RAM
  • Xeon Multi-core processors
  • ZFS file system
  • A multi-gigabit backend network connection

New and Improved EVFTP Client

We’ve released a new version (1.2.4) of our Java FTP client, which you can use to connect to your ExaVault service. This is our best, most stable version yet, and includes a number of new features:

  • Mac users can use % + X (cut), % + C (copy), and % + V (paste) when entering server names, usernames, passwords, and when renaming files.
  • If you’ve been confused by the “..” file (Up Directory in geek) that has been shown, you can now turn it off in preferences. You can use the Up arrow button in the toolbars to move to the next higher directory.
  • The server address, user name, password as well as the local and remote directory paths are saved between visits.

We fixed quite a few bugs as well. Here are a few:

  • Certain transfers taking longer than 60 minutes would stall.
  • Files and folders with non-ASCII characters will now display properly.
  • The time to catch incorrect username or password was radically improved.

We hope you enjoy it!

More Is On The Way

We’ve got a lot more planned for 2011, and we genuinely value your thoughts on how we should improve. Please keep the suggestions coming, and thank you again for your support and continued business.