New Client Area & File Transfer Client

We’re excited to introduce two improvements to our service: a new Client Area, and a beta version of a new File Transfer Client!

New Client Area

If you’ve logged into your Client Area recently ( ) you’ll notice that a few things are different. We’ve improved the look & feel, and have introduced a number of new features:

  • Improvements to the account details page, which now displays the amount of space you’ve used and your overall quota.
  • The ability to search through your support tickets to find answers to questions you asked long ago.
  • A new ‘Network Issues’ section where we’ll post issues occurring on our systems or network.
  • The ability to add a security question to your account, which we’ll use to verify your identity if you email or call in from an address that we don’t have on file.
  • An improved order process which lets our resellers order more than one account at the same time.

Web File Transfer Client Beta

We’re launching a new beta of our Web File Transfer Client today, with an awesome new look and tons of new features. It includes:

  • An easier to use interface which allows you to drag & drop files between your FTP site and your computer.
  • The ability to transfer up to six files simultaneously, vs the previous one at a time.
  • A new transfer panel which shows the status of all file transfers, and a ‘console’ tab to give you error messages
  • A ground-up rewrite of the underlying code to improve stability and performance

Many thanks go out to Mick M., our lead client engineer, for spearheading this project. We’re all excited to hear what you have to say, so please check out the new File Transfer Client and then email us at with your comments!

That’s not all!

Behind the scenes, we’ve been making a number of additional infrastructure improvements. We’re introducing more automation: starting today, all of our accounts are now setup in real-time, the moment you order. We’ve been tweaking the performance of our network, too: a network upgrade boosted average file transfer speeds by about 30% in mid September, and we have another one planned for early next year which will boost speeds further. And we recently finished upgrading all of our servers to support Secure FTP (SFTP) in addition to standard FTP.

We’ve got lots more in store as we head into 2010, so keep your eyes peeled! Thanks again for your business.