Multiple CCs, Single Sign-In, and More

We’ve heard from lots of you that you need more ways to keep people informed about files and shares and activity. Now, all of the fields which can be used for email CC addresses now accept multiple addresses. You can even use the Email Lists you’ve set up on your account in all of our CC fields.

Keeping Everyone In The Know

Let the whole team know when you’ve sent files to a customer…
Send Files CC
… or that you’ve sent your vendor an invitation to a Shared Folder….
Shared Folder Invite
… or make sure everyone gets alerted when something important happens (even people who don’t have an account!) by sending them a carbon copy of your notification.
And for those of you using our file drop Shared Folder, something extra-special… Automatically send your file drop upload notifications to everyone who needs them!
File Drop

One Sign-In To Rule Them All

If you’ve ever found yourself getting frustrated, trying to remember how to log in to manage your account or how that’s different from logging in to transfer files, prepare to be just a little less frustrated.  We’ve made it a little bit easier to sign in (and out of) both SWFT and the Client Area Portal .

When you enter your SWFT account as the master user, you’ll see a new link at the top of the screen for Client Area. Clicking this link will automatically open a new window, logged into your Client Area.

For those of you who access your accounts through public terminals, we have an added bonus. Clicking the logout link of either the Client Area or SWFT will now automatically log you out of both websites. Fear not the Kinko’s kiosks!

So… What’s New With You?

Are you doing something clever or interesting with your account? Something that maybe the rest of us should try? Perhaps something that works really great for your industry? Let us know at; we’d like to share your stories with everyone.  Maybe there’s something awesome that you wish you could do with your ExaVault account, if only you had just one more feature? Write in and let us know!