Improved User Permissions, Easier Shares, and More

Last month, we focused on improving a few key areas of the interface to speed up your workflow. We’ve streamlined user permissions and made share /notification management easier. Yay!

Streamlined User Permissions

First up, we focused our attention on user permissions. The ‘custom’ role is no more. You can now select either ‘admin’ (having access to everything) or ‘user’ (with the ability to set specific permissions if you like). We’ve streamlined the interface, so you can choose a user and set their permissions in one easy step. Here’s what the new modal looks like:

If you previously had any ‘custom’ users, they’ve been changed to the ‘user’ role, but have exactly the same permissions as they did before.

Easier Share / Notification Management

We’ve built new functionality that allows you to setup shares and notifications within the shared folders and notifications sections of SWFT. That means you can easily manage all shares and notifications from a single screen, instead of being forced to go to the File Manager to setup a new share or notification.
You’ll be able to find this new feature pretty easily; simply click “shared folders” or “notifications” in the navigation and you’ll see the new button in the upper right corner. It will bring up a selection dialog like this:

Just select the folder or file you would like to share or receive notifications, and you’ll be all set!

File Drop Improvements

File drop has been improved to better organize incoming files. Instead of one folder holding every file uploaded, the file drop creates folders by email address and then subject for each drop.

When a user uploads a file you will see a new folder with their email address as the name. Under their email folder you’ll see a new folder named with the subject line of the upload.