Improved User Groups & Single Click Notifications

October has come and gone and another month of great feature improvements for ExaVault is in the books! We wanted to let you know about some of the changes just released in the application. You’ll love to send files with Email Lists and Single Click Notifications.

Introducing Email Lists, The New Groups

Previously, groups have been only available in the Send Files area of the tool. After gathering feedback about groups and how people are using them, we’ve moved them to the Account area of the web interface and have renamed them ‘Email Lists’. Email Lists are now available in every ‘To:’ box… anywhere you can enter someone’s email address to send or share a file!
Manage Account page - add new email list
We hope you’ll enjoy this much asked-for feature.

Single Click Notifications

Notifications are handy tools and we’ve made them even handier. Create a notification in one click instead of several. Adding a notification will set default permissions on your notification that you can easily edit after it has been created.
edit notifications and few notification details
Don’t forget that you can create notifications in both the file manager and on the ‘Notifications’ summary page.

Send Files From Within Your Account

We’ve updated the Send Files area of the site to let you send files from either your computer or your file manager. Sending files is even easier as you can send a mix of files from both your computer and your file manager in one easy step.
Choose and send files from your account
These simple changes should help to streamline your efforts in sending and sharing files from anywhere.