Happy New Year From ExaVault!

It’s a brand new year, and now that we have finally recovered from all of the holiday festivities it’s time to get back to the business of, well… business file transfers! Here are a couple of new items we have to share with you:

Improved System Performance

Before we took the time off to enjoy the holidays, our industrious ExaVault engineers took considerable time overhauling our core services to optimize upload and download speeds. This is bread and butter stuff here — in addition to security, speed is king and we are already seeing our efforts pay off. Check out all those speedy business file transfers happening!

Tweaks for a Better Mobile Experience

Mobile users may have noticed small but significant improvements to ExaVault on their mobile platform of choice. We are currently adding additional improvements to our mobile interface, and there is even more for mobile users to look forward to that will take our web application to the next level!

Even More Coming Soon!

Much more is what we’ve got in store, here over at ExaVault HQ. This month, we’ll keep improving and streamlining our web application to make things even faster and easier. And of course, if you have a great idea for us, please drop us a line at support@exavault.com! As always, your feedback is shared gleefully with our engineers, and we appreciate the input. We know that without people like you who care, we couldn’t keep doing what we do.