ExaVault is Moving!

We’ve got some exciting news: we’re moving!

Over the next several weeks, we are going to be moving all of our equipment to a new SAS70-certified datacenter with improved power & connectivity. This will mean faster, more reliable service for everyone, and will let us continue to expand and offer even more unique services.

For our more technical customers, we are making the following improvements:

  • Improved multi-homed internet connectivity with 19 upstream peers (up from 4) will offer faster transfer speeds than ever before.
  • An upgraded 100% GigE network (up from our current heterogeneous 100MB / GigE network) will boost transfer speeds further.
  • A new SAS70-certified datacenter in San Jose, CA, with three-factor biometric access control, will continue keep your data secure.
  • An improved power distribution infrastructure with redundant generators and battery backup power will help keep your storage space available around the clock.

The move will be done in five phases, with five downtime windows over several weekends through the rest of December and into January. Each storage node will be down only twice, once to prep for the move and once when it is actually moved. You will receive a separate email in the coming weeks to let you know when your specific storage node will be moved.

IP Address Changes

As part of this transition, we will be assigning new IP addresses to all storage nodes. For nearly all of our customers, this will have no affect on your service. However, if you’ve hard-coded your service to use an IP address (something like rather than a domain name (e.g. mycompany.exavault.com) you will need to update your records. More details on this will be forthcoming in a future email.

Transition Downtime Windows

The transition windows are:

  • Sat & Sun, 26 & 27 December, 2009
  • Sat & Sun, 02 & 03 January, 2010
  • Sat & Sun, 09 & 10 January, 2010
  • Sat & Sun, 16 & 17 January, 2010
  • Sat & Sun, 23 & 24 January, 2010

Once again, your service will only be down during two of those periods, and only for a few hours. You will recieve a seperate email in the coming weeks with more details on the specific timing for your particular storage node.

Preparing for the Move

Other than a brief downtime during the transition, your service will continue to operate as it always does. However, we recommend you consider the following prior to the move:

  • Login to your account at https://clients.exavault.com and open the Client Details page.  Make sure that your email and contact details are up to date.
  • On the Client Details page of your account, you can  add additional contacts to your accounts and designate that they also be sent notification emails.
  • Make sure that you have downloaded any mission critical data from our servers that you may need during the offline period.
  • Be aware that during the offline period, automated backup software will not be able to connect; therefore you should expect to see some “backup not completed” error messages.

We thank you in advance for your patience, and we look forward to offering you even better service in 2010. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.