Easier Sharing, Better Tracking, New Rewards!

Hooray for Fall! We’ve been working to make more awesome things that you can be thankful for. So grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte and prepare to be wowed by our improvements to the file manager and sharing history.

More Improvements to Sharing and Sending

Based on your feedback, we’re continuing to find ways to make sharing and sending even easier and faster.

Select Multiple Files to Send

When you’re sending files with the Browse File Manager button, you can select multiple files at once from the popup window. Each selected file and folder will have a checkmark to the right. This means less clicking and less time spent sending files.

Complete Sharing History

The History section of the Sharing page now includes all of the shares and sends from your account, rather than just the active shares. This will allow you to keep track of  sent files long after the link to download them has expired.  Sharing History

Sharing History Details

We’ve also improved how much information you can see about your shared and sent items. When you click on any entry in the Sharing History tab, you’ll see a popup that includes the details of that share, as well as who has been invited and the recent activity for the share. Find out quickly who has (and hasn’t) received those files you sent!

Shared Item Details

File Manager Improvements

We’ve added two time-saving features to the menu in the Files area: File Manager Folder menu

One-Click Receive Folder Setup

You can now set up a new receive folder directly from that folder. Just bring up the menu for the folder and choose the bottom option, Receive. As simple as that, your folder is ready to receive files from your users. To change any of the settings, just open the Sharing Settings for your new receive folder.

View Activity for Specific Items

Admin users will have the option to view the related account activity for a particular folder or file. Just bring up the menu for the item, and choose View Activity, and you’ll be taken to the Activity History, filtered for the selected folder or file.

Account Management Improvements

Don’t think we’ve just spent all our time this month tweaking SWFT, either. We’ve also added two huge new features to our account management.

Receive Your Invoices Through Email

At long last, and by popular demand, you can automatically receive a copy of your paid invoices by email. To enable, simply click the Auto-Email Most Recent Paid Invoice checkbox in your Client Details page.  The day after your invoice is paid, you will receive an email containing your invoice.

Refer a Friend, Get Free Space

We’re very excited to annouce our new Referral Rewards program. If you’ve got a friend or business associate who could use world-class file transfer, we’ve made it easier for you to spread the word (and get something in return). You’ll find a special referral link on your Rewards page in the client area. To get to your link:

  1. Log into the client area portal at https://clients.exavault.com using this email address as your password
  2. Click on the Accounts link to view your accounts
  3. At the bottom of the page listing your accounts, click the Manage Account Rewards link
  4. Your Rewards page will be displayed in all its glory, including your customized Referral link

Client Area Rewards Page

Each time someone follows your link and signs up for a trial account, you’ll get 1GB of free space and so will they. If that person does not cancel their account within 90 days, the reward is yours to keep forever!

*Referral rewards have been updated. Check our FAQs for the most recent rewards you can earn by referring a friend!

Even More Coming Soon!

Things are still moving full speed here at ExaVault HQ. This month, we’ll keep simplifying and streamlining SWFT to make things even faster and easier. Got a great idea for us? Maybe there’s something about SWFT that you don’t love? (Hey, it could happen!) Hit us up at support@exavault.com! As always, your feedback is shared gleefully with our engineers, and we appreciate the input. We know that without people like you who care, there’s no us.