Drag and Drop, Notifications, and More

This past month we’ve been working hard to improve the performance and reliability of our software. We thought it an excellent opportunity to quickly share some neat features with you that you may not know exist within ExaVault.

Drag and Drop

If you’re using a newer browser like FireFox or Chrome you can use drag and drop throughout ExaVault’s online interface. Simply login to the File Manager and drag and drop any folder from your desktop onto the interface. ExaVault will queue it up for uploading.
Image of drag and drop feature in action
Our drag and drop feature is available within the ‘Send Files’ area as well. Any file you have on your computer can be sent in moments simply by finding the file on your desktop and dragging it into the ExaVault interface. Save time uploading many files by dragging all of them onto ExaVault to start the upload.

Select All Items vs Visible

Managing a large number of files can be tricky. We’ve had a lot of feedback requesting the ability to select more than just the visible files in a folder. Now you can!
Selecting files ExaVault File Manager
Select any file from any page within a large folder and the system will keep track of which files you select. The top of the page even tells you how many files you have selected. Any operation permitted on multiple files will now happen to all of the files you have selected, regardless of the page you are on within your folder.
If you want to select all of your files in the folder across all pages you can do so easily with the new ‘Select all XX items in this folder’ link. Hit that, and all the files from all the pages will be selected.


Notifications have been enhanced to allow you to carbon-copy a notification to a third-party as well as send it to yourself. Simply turn on the ‘Also CC this email address’ option, and enter the email address of your colleague. They’ll get a file activity notification every time that you do.
Update account notifications
Finally, we’ve introduced a way that you or your colleagues can easily stop notifications; simply click the new unsubscribe link in any email. Combine notifications with your shared folders and you’ve got a great combination to manage your file sharing and sending.
That’s it for now. As always, we love to hear how ExaVault helps you and your business. If you have any questions or concerns about our services, or these new features, please contact us
Thank you! – The ExaVault Team