Ch-Ch-Changes, Coming Your Way

We have a big Labor Day Weekend planned, including the release of several nifty features we just can’t keep to ourselves. So you get a sneak peek behind the curtain.

Sending & Sharing … So Happy Together

The first change you may notice when you log into SWFT over the weekend is the change to our main Toolbar.  Both the Send Files and Shared Folders options are gone; they’ve been combined under one tab for Sharing.  The steps for sending and sharing have been simplified to make things even easier and quicker to use.
send files, share folder or receive files in your account

Simpler Notifications: Just Like Notifications, but Simpler

We’ve made it even easier to set up notifications for anyone, not just yourself. Heck, you can create a notification for your boss and not yourself, should the spirit move you. And the notification settings have been standardized to apply evenly to sending and sharing.

Receive Files: Just Like File Drops, but Simpler

Is there an echo in here? We’re always trying to make things simpler, and that includes our File Drop. We’re adding a separate option to configure places for people to upload files to you, so you don’t have to wade through Shared Folder options anymore.

Upload HUGE Files, No Java Required

One of the biggest (ha!) things to come down the pipeline this month is an update to allow anyone to upload large files without using java. You read that right — you won’t be limited to 2GB files in SWFT anymore. That includes people who are uploading files to you.

It all starts Thursday night…

We’re rolling things out starting Thursday night (Pacific Time), August 29, 2013 and we’ll be done by Sunday, Sept 1, 2013. We’re not anticipating more than a few minutes of downtime, so your workflow won’t be interrupted. If you have any concerns or just want to send a note of encouragement, we’re always here at!