Top Secure File Transfer Methods 2018

Green gate secured with lock and chain

Businesses today rely on online file management and worldwide file transfer to compete as our economy becomes more digital and more global. Businesses also have a variety of needs when transferring documents securely from point A to point B.
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File Management For Finance & Accounting

Why Web FTP for Financial Services

When you work in the financial or accounting industry, choosing the right business file sharing solution is critical. Data security and detailed logs usually make the top of the list. With online services being available 24 hours a day, web-based file management also makes the list.
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Business File Sharing for Marketing Teams & Creative Agencies

Why Use a Business File Sharing Service for Your Marketing Team

When you’re part of a marketing team, image hosting and online photo storage help your creative process flourish. Media and marketing teams often have multiple projects in multiple stages of development. This requires a business file sharing service with the ability to manage your team. From unlimited users to granular permissions. Choose who can access which files. Allow certain team members to upload, download and edit files.
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