Awesome New Video Playlist: How-To Topics

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More and more customers are asking us for video tutorials to help them learn some of the more complex features of ExaVault, and we’ve spun up a new video production team to answer the call. Our first set of new how-to videos is now out, just in time for summer. We took the basics every ExaVault user wants to know right off the bat, plus feedback from our customer success team to create a long list of potential video topics.

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The Noise is Coming from Inside the Cloud: Hard Drive Dissection

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a hard drive? There’s a lot of powerful technology inside a tiny 3.5-inch box: drive platters spinning at 10,000 rpm, drive heads plated in gold, and rare earth magnets keeping the heads aligned. We’re proud to have partnered with Make:SF as we taught the first of what we hope will be a series of classes on data storage technology: Hard Drive Dissection with David Ordal.
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How to use WinSCP FTP Client (Video)

In this tutorial, we’re going over how to use WinSCP.

WinSCP is a popular FTP client for windows, so we’ll be installing it on a windows machine. We’ll walk through installing the WinSCP client on your computer and the basics of transferring files with their interface.
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