SFTP Servers in Business: Approach and Benefits

In this tutorial, we’re discussing SFTP Servers.

What is an SFTP server?

Too many server solutions out there? We’re here to show you how an SFTP server can provide secure file storage for your business documents. We’ll give you the low down on SFTP servers and go over hosting options so you’ll know all the benefits.
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Shares Vs. Users: File Sharing 101

In the world of file sharing, file transfers, uploads, and downloads, it can be confusing to know what is what. Throw users, permissions, and activity logs into the mix, and you practically have a dictionary worth of terms. We want to make sure you are sharing what you need to share and creating the appropriate users who need access to your file sharing account.
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9 Essential Business FTP and File Sharing Features

Does your file sharing solution meet the needs of your business in today’s online world? FTP  and the ability to quickly and securely send large files are just the tip of the features iceberg. We’ve compiled a list of file sharing features designed for businesses. Plus a look at Enterprise FTP which can offer an organization high capacity storage and premium support.
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