The Difference Between FTP, FTPS, and SFTP

Let’s start with a fun fact: FTP has been around for nearly 50 years – and because of that, there are lots of flavors and variations of the protocol. There’s plain old FTP – File Transfer Protocol – but there’s also FTPS, FTP-SSL, and SFTP. Many people ask: How do they differ? Read More

Tackling File Transfer With Customers in 2020

With many companies operating globally and having websites accessed by customers 24/7, you need a way to securely share files and data when needed. From online orders to client documents, proposal submissions, and general file transfer with customers — these routine transfers keep a business running. Read More

What is SFTP: The Smart Business File Transfer Solution

In this tutorial we’re answering: What is SFTP? We’ll start with a quick review of FTP, then dive right into what is SFTP. Get a technical overview, learn why businesses choose to use SFTP, and look at some quick practical examples of what businesses might use SFTP for. We’ll take the confusion out of SFTP as your file transfer solution. Read More