Monitoring Your FTP File Transfers

Often you need to monitor your FTP file transfers on a regular basis. Maybe customers submit orders electronically for processing, or you need to get marketing data from several different systems to pull into your data warehouse. Read More

How to Set Up an FTP Server in 2020

A secure FTP server is an ideal resource for file transfer. A basic understanding of server setup can be helpful whether you are hosting your own server or using a hosted FTP service. The costs, technical aspects, and functionality all play a part in deciding how best to meet your requirements. Read More

10 Ways to Improve Developer Productivity & Happiness

One way to look at improving developer productivity is to consider the destructive, inefficient, and time-wasting habits that happen in the workplace. People tend to point out the actions and processes that hinder productivity. However, here we are framing the discussing of boosting productivity in terms of things that help not hinder. Read More

Creating a Modern ACH Payment Workflow

Modernization is inevitable for SaaS companies. Now, thanks to Qualpay, we were able to add ACH transfers as a payment option for services. In this article, our CEO, David Ordal, goes over the process our team went through to implement ACH. Read More