A Brand New Look For a Brand New Year

We’ve been working for over two years to rebuild our system from the ground up. Our new interface has simplified navigation, improved layout, and is fully mobile ready. It’s easier than ever to locate the functions you need to find, send, and receive files.

We’ll be swapping all ExaVault accounts over to our new streamlined web interface now through January 2019.

Hundreds of you helped out in our beta phase, and we’re excited to get everyone else up and running on our new interface.

How the Update Will Work:

  • If you haven’t already switched over to the new interface, we’ll be swapping your account over during the next several weeks.
  • Approximately a week before your account update, the master account user will see a message in the web interface with an estimated date for the switch on your account. You can switch at any time, but if you haven’t switched yourself by that date, we’ll switch your account over for you.
  • Switching your account to the new interface will change the interface for every user in your account.
  • If you want to temporarily try the new interface, you can switch (see instructions below) and then switch back. We’ll be removing the ability to swap back to the old interface at the end of January 2019.
  • If you have multiple accounts with us, they may be switched at different times.

New Interface

Based on feedback from our beta users, we’ve made major improvements to our file manager. An uncluttered top bar shows you only the features that can be used from that location. Easily navigate to sharing, notifications, account activity or users from any page using the new side navigation bar.

New interface application screenshot

It’s easier to read at-a-glance, with the most important and most used functions given more visual weight to help guide you through the interface.

Drag and drop file sharing - send files

Plus, FTP connection information and our help docs are now included in the side navigation. They are easy to find and easy to dismiss when you don’t need them on the screen.

File sharing side navigation menu

A final improvement is what we call the “Where Am I?” feature. Check out the top right on desktop or the left side on mobile, for your current location within the account.

Ready to Switch Now?

If you don’t want to wait for us to swap over your interface, you can start using it today!

To change the interface from SWFT to the new APP:

  • Log into the web interface as an account admin.
  • Click the “Account” button.
  • Click the “Preferences” link.
  • Change the default file manager to “NEW ExaVault File Manager (beta)”.
  • Click the “Save Settings” button.

If you have any questions about the new interface, reach out to us via email (support@exavault.com) or schedule an intro webinar.  

~The ExaVault Team