New Address For Us, New Address For You

Happy New Year! We hope your 2013 will be filled with good times and secure file transfers. There’s a bit of news to catch up on…

We’ve Moved!

ExaVault’s corporate headquarters has moved, and we’re really excited about our new offices in the heart of downtown Oakland. You’ll notice the address on our correspondence has changed to reflect our fancy new digs, and we’d ask you to please update your records. Our new mailing address is:

555 12th St, Suite 110

Oakland, CA 94607

It’s like New Coke, only without anything else really changing.

Customize Your Domain in SWFT

One of our most-requested features has finally been implemented — you can now use your own domain for your ExaVault account (e.g. rather than )! First, you’ll download an embed file from your SWFT account and upload that to your own website. Then, you set the Custom Domain setting in your account to point at the embed file on your site, and presto!… your users will no longer see “” in the address bar. Emails that contain links to shared folders and sent files will also show your domain, instead of

Send Files, Now With Bigger Files 

Send Files, Now with Bigger Files. You’re no longer limited to 2GB when sending files that are already loaded in your account. We’re giving you twice the sending goodness – now you can send 4GB worth of files at once. Make that Browse File Manager button work like it owes you money!

Send large files with ExaVault secure file transfers