Do You Think GDPR is Just a European Concept?

A US Company Navigating FTP and GDPR

GDPR or the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation aims to provide EU citizens with additional rights in regards to their personal data. This regulation does not exclude a company just because it is based in the United States (or some other non-EU nation).
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File Management For Finance & Accounting

Why Web FTP for Financial Services

When you work in the financial or accounting industry, choosing the right business file sharing solution is critical. Data security and detailed logs usually make the top of the list. With online services being available 24 hours a day, web-based file management also makes the list.
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3 Tips for Combining Productive Work with Travel

Combining Work and Travel can be Quite the Experience.

From planning the trip and coordinating schedules to file sharing all the documentation needed for travel. You may have thought of all the things your work team needs to travel across nine time zones, but are you set up for a productive work week?
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